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Yue Fei Dynasty Crates 5

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Those samples are not royalty-free. Yue Fei Dynasty Crates is a new series by Organic Beats. It contains 12 asian style samples. Yue Fei is a famous historic and heroic figure who lived during the Southern Song Dynasty. He was a patriotic general who helped to defend Southern Song against the Jin invaders. His untimely death, a result of the betrayal by his enemies, remains a legendary tragedy. Yue Fei's last campaign against the Jin was a sweeping victory but his attempt to push northward and recover all lost territory was opposed by the minister Qinhui who headed an appeasement party within the capital. Emperor Gaozong accepted Qinhui's proposal of making peace with the invaders and ordered Yue Fei to return. 
Legend has it that Yue Fei received 10 Gold Crates from the emperor ordering him to return to the capital Lin'An within a day, hence, he had no choice but to comply with the request. However, upon his return, The 10 Gold crates were not returned and instead buried. Till today, Yue Fei’s lost crates were finally found by Organic Beats and have resurfaced them to you all. 
All files are in universal wav format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All samples are curated by Organic Beats.