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Yamashitas Gold Crates Bundle

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These samples are not royalty-free. Yamashita’s Golden Crates is a series by Organic Beats. This Bundle pack contains all 10 Yamashita’s Gold Crates Volumes 1-10 for a total of 250 samples. When General Tomoyuki Yamashita met his fate at the end of the hangman’s rope on the 23rd of February 1946, did he take an incredible secret with him to his grave? Had the general really hidden a fabulous treasure somewhere in the mountains? What was the truth behind the legend of Yamashita’s gold?

According to legend, the slaves who built the tunnel and the soldiers who oversaw its construction were locked up and sent to die within so only Yamashita and Prince Takeda would be alive to expose its true location. Yamashita's gold story circulated swiftly. Wealth hunters from all over the world arrived in Luzon to find the fabled treasure. They all failed, but that didn't stop others from trying. Roxas claimed in 1971 to have discovered the tunnel after years of digging in Baguio's mountains. Roxas stated the tunnel was packed of skeletons – the gruesome corpses of Prince Takeda and Yamashita's men and slaves.

Roxas claimed he had discovered the treasure, which included a big golden Buddha weighing at least a ton and several unknown dusty crates labeled "De Musica Mundane." Mr. Roxas claimed to have dragged the Buddha out of the tunnel and hid it in his house with gold bullion. According to one questionable conspiracy theory, the Americans stole the wealth to utilize as dark money to wage the Cold War. Organic Beats later discovered these rare crates in the attic of a military veteran's home. To celebrate the launch of his new series "Yamashita’s Golden Crates", Organic Beats chose to open them for the first time.

All files are in universal wav format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All samples are curated by Organic Beats.

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