Johnny Slash

Speak and Hell

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you're listening to records trying to find that perfect one shot, the last ingredient, the perfect sound effect to be used as a garnish on your new masterfully put together soup of sounds. Suddenly a bright otherworldly light beams through your windows and time stands still. Next thing you know you are awake and in your bed but notice a strangely modified Speak & Spell on your desk next to your MPC!? You start bending sound in ways never imagined and now your beats are unique and otherworldly peppered with strange ingredients! Johnny Slash wanted to bring some of his secret artillery to Boom Bap Labs and what he brought to the roster is a brand new pack containing 100 one shots and recordings of him contacting the mothership with his Circuit Bent Speak & Spell that was masterfully crafted by Mr. Dibbs himself. The pack contains an extra copy of the 100 dry raw recording but with added efx to give you wider and more spacey versions! Thats a total of 200 sounds! Johnny recommends using these as one shot efx. Just add your favorite delays & plugins to these sounds and watch magic unfold!
All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution.