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Soul Expressions

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Presenting soul expressions. A sample library that consists of over 140+ recordings of soulful, lush, and glimmering pianos, EPs, guitars, organs, basses, synths, and string phrases that can be mixed and mashed into compositions of your own or can be used as readily made stacks that can be sampled into some insanely soulful chops and beats. Made by recording live guitars, pianos, keys, synths, and basses, this library can be used to add soulful elements very easily to their beats, instrumentals, and songs. The instrument recordings get saturated and colored by vintage gear and analogue modelling plugins to give them the signature feel of soulful boombap and 70s soul music. Keeping all samples and phrases original, this library packs insane value, adding up loads of different phrases that will enrich your beatmaking. Every phrase can be the beginning of an amazing beat, and you can launch it to the sky by adding more and more texture, color, and variation by using this library.