Revenge of The Kong Drums


Diggers of The Lost Art Presents

  • Title: Revenge Of The Kong Drums
  • Designed by: Alpha Centori
  • Category: Drum Kits

This one really represent what Boom Bap Labs can do in sound sculpting. It's pure heat, raw and uncut tight super huge drums with crispy bacon snares and hi hats. The samples included are insane, you can produce instant classics right of the bat and cook serious meal for the whole click. Don't mess with this one sunn. It shakes the streets up! It's a big must!

  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • 27 Kicks
  • 22 Snares
  • 23 Closed Hi Hats
  • 18 Drum Rolls
  • 10 Samples