Raw Materials 7

Diggers of The Lost Art Presents
  • Title: Raw Materials 7
  • Designed by: Alpha Centori
  • Category: Drum Kits
Raw Materials is as simple as taking a crate full of old 45 rpm's and sample the open sounds. Kicks, snares, hi hats, single notes one shots, chords and all the dope ingredients you can chop and use to make a pure authentic boom bap classic. Raw Material gives that unique "live" drums texture. It often includes the reverb tails and that makes the drums sound less synthetic and more organic but at the same time preserving that sample rawness. It's the best of both worlds. Raw Materials is one of our favorite go to library to really spice things up and to give that 90's feel to our beats. Listen to the demo and don't hesitate to grab it. Contains more than 370 raw one-shots.
  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • 26 Kicks
  • 139 Snares
  • 6 Hi Hats
  • 13 Drum Rolls
  • 5 Rim Shots
  • 26 Toms
  • 38 Bass Tones
  • 5 Chords
  • 16 Guitar Chops
  • 23 Horn Chops
  • 21 Piano Chops
  • 13 Stabs
  • 7 Vocals
  • 5 Loops
  • 29 Extras (bells, cowbells, bass lines, organs...)