Vic Grimes

Phantom Cuts 1

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Boom Bap Labs is proud to introduce Canadian renowned top caliber producer and crate digger aficionado, Vic Grimes! Yes for more than 15 years into hip hop production he has worked with legends such as Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Starving B and Spit Gems to name a few. With Phantom Cuts volume 1, Vic presents a collection of 24 carefully selected audio file, including 16 samples, 3 breakbeats, 1 drum fill and 4 drama sound effects and dialogues. Whether you want to chop, loop, flip, or filter each sample, this killer arsenal will fill your pads with fire habanero heat. Please don’t get it twisted, nothing in this pack is recycled, only resurrected for the true heads. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. Each volume of the Phantom Cuts series is curated by Vic Grimes and sold through the fine folks at Boom Bap Labs.

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