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Diggers of The Lost Art Presents Korean Funk Rarities Limited Edition Sample Pack

This sample pack is not royalty-free. This is a super limited edition of 5 copies only sample pack. It contains 50 carefully handpicked Korean samples from the 70s. It is well known in the world of crate digging that Korean vintage music is extremely hard to find. The reason being that most Korean sellers won't ship records overseas. But thanks to our vast network of crate diggers specialists we have a few contacts that have direct access to Korea's finest record shops. Diggers of The Lost Art team has recently acquired 170 Korean LPs mostly from the 70s and since then has been hard at work. Listening closely to each song, we came up with 50 of the best samples we could find. If you're looking to fatten up your sample collection with rare foreign gems then this pack is for you. Listen to the preview and see for yourself. We guarantee you won't find another similar library on the market. And at 5 copies only it brings you exclusiveness right in your lab. Go ahead grab a pack and start building fantastic exotic beats with a 70s funk twist. All samples are in universal WAV format, at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All curated by the Diggers of The Lost Art team.