Advanced Neurological Audio Research Project 1

Alpha Centori Presents Advanced Neurological Audio Research Project Texture Pack

With the help of 57 sensors plugged to the head of various patients with neurological disorders and paraplegic disability, Doctor Vordez Xor and Neuro Scientist Evon Bronf have been able to capture abstract audio transmission signals from multiple electro encephalogram exams to study the main cerebral waves; delta, thêta, alpha et bêta. The results were shocking. M. Bronf explains that this could open the door to understand the language of the thoughts and permit the transcription and decoding of deeper brain functions. 30 recordings were hand picked and sent to Boom Bap Labs for further frequency analysis. Alpha Centori is proud to disclose these 30 exclusive neurological audio transmissions. You get 30 textures in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All royalty free with the permission of the Advanced Neurological Audio Research Institute.