Thai Chops 1


The Thai Chops Clan Presents

  • Title: Thai Chops 1
  • Designed by: Amen & Alpha Centori
  • Category: Sample Pack

We wanted to close 2018 with a flavorful rich pack and what's better then a spicy Tum Yum soup with pad noodles and basil beef rice. Ladies and Gentlemen we offer you Thai Chops 1. A multi dimensional asian buffet with tons of reminiscent melodies, grimey pianos and story telling strings accompanied by dusty raw funk grooves we found in old obscure oriental crates. This pack is the absolute best way to close 2018 and start the new year like a champ. Kick it up a notch and load up your pad full of hot spicy Thai flames. This pack is the formula for a winner recipe.

  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • 50 Thai samples digged by Amen & Alpha Centori.
  • Samples strictly from rare and obscure oriental exotic crates.