Surface Noise (FREE)

Surface Noise (FREE)


Whether you buy 180 grams repress vinyls or sample music on the internet. Either way you don't get that dusty, gritty, filthy warm crackling vinyl sounds. We know some of you like to sprinkle that magic surface noise powder on them beats. That's why we came up with this kit which has a perfect variety of noise, hiss, sizzling and cracklings. Add this to your tool kit and you'll never have to waste time and money searching the web for these crackles anymore and this one is FREE!

Packed with 135 different vinyl surface noise sound files in 16 bits wav format.

  • 60 vinyl cracklings from 33rpm records.
  • 60 vinyl cracklings from 45rpm records.
  • 15 vinyl cracklings from 78rpm records.

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