Quincy Beats

BoomBap Interludes Vol 1

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Presenting Boombap Interludes, The sample library that contains Quincy Beats' best compositions to date! combining Afro-soul, Italian Jazz, R&B, and soulful flavors from the music of the 70s and 80s, tightly packed into a glamourous collection of 10 original samples with stems available. Compositions in this library are presented in an "interlude" arrangement, which makes them feel like they are the best parts straight up sliced off from obscure but extensively sample-able records. All the instruments, guitar, horns, keys, strings, drums, bells, synths, et cetera, are Live- recorded using vintage microphones, processed by analogue gear, and modelled with modelling plugins, which gives the library an authentic retro-soul sound stage, perfect to start sampling right away!