Red Heat 1

Brand: Robotnik
Robotnik Presents Red Heat Sample Pack

Ladies and gentlemen directly from East Germany please welcome our new veteran crate digger and Boom Bap Labs vendor, Robotnik. When it comes to vintage 60s, 70s, and 80s Russian and European music, Robotnik is a qualified expert and knowledgist. With a vast collection of over 3000 rare and hard to find vinyl records, you're sure to get a great variety of raw, obscure, and grimy samples. Red Heat is packed with strictly soviet gems. You get 20 super rare samples with the melodies and harmonies that will spark instant inspiration. Make sure to grab this release and add major Red Heat to your collection. All samples are in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All samples are not royalty-free.