Abandoned Dollar Bins 2021 Edition

Alpha Centori Presents Abandoned Dollar Bins Sample Pack

This pack's samples are not royalty-free. This pack contains 223 rejected and unpublished samples for 2021. We figured they were just not up to standard or didn't blend in with our regular suspects. But art, music, and life are all subjective. Not everyone will like what I enjoy, and I will not always like what others prefer. So, instead of simply trashing them, I thought I'd create a pack and offer it cheap to see if people actually liked it. So there you have it. A massive bundle with a wide range of genres and moods. Jazz, lounge, soft listening, and other oddities are heavily emphasized. Check out the demo, and if you like it, make yourself this gift. You've earned it. All files are in the universal WAV format with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and a resolution of 16 bits. Alpha Centori curates all samples.